ESK Artikel

As a ESC volunteer I had the opportunity to have my own project.After some time I decided to create a garden with children.I didn't want to create just any garden but a place on our mother earth, which creates, supports and encourages the life.

The garden based on permaculture principles: With this project I wanted in a playful way to connect children with our food and all little (and not so little) animals involved in the life circle. Along that I presented them the topic of reusing the garbage; so we can all contribute to a better society with all small steps we are making. After-all nature doesn't know waste, so why buying things all the time, when we can look at home what we already have and with a bit of imagination create with it what we need. Within this idea children made watering cans out of plastic bottles, which they brought from home. And the idea appeared to be super interesting for little ones. Amazing how happy they were when they made the holes with a small drilling machine in the bottles all by their selves.

And that remindsme on the other point: to show the kids that they are capable of doing different things alone already. They planted, took care for the plants, watered them, harvested and created different forms out of natural materials in the garden. Out of willow tree branches they also created a low fence. This again proved, that for creating we don’t have to use so much of energy as conventional modern industry. We only have to take time, think and create.

The start for me was not easy: I have never worked with children before and my knowledge of German language back then was not at level in which I could talk to children yet. I had doubts and fears, therefore I knew it is a great project for self-development of my own as well. In my life I am trying to get out of so called comfort zones and this project was really far from it. All started in December when I first had to develop my idea and prepare the presentation to be able to send it further to kindergartens. Luckily the kindergarten in the next village liked my idea, so the place of the garden was decided. First I thought it would be harder to find a kindergarten which would be willing to cooperate, but luckily it was easy breezy. In the beginning of march the first physical steps were made: With children and a little help of my friend Alan, we transform meadow into garden and enriched the high bed with nutritional rich materials, so the plants later on were having happy, healthy dark green leaves and almost screaming at us THANK YOU! At the end in our garden we could find onions, carrot, spinach, salad, fennel, cucumbers, mangold, kohlrabi, radicchio, green peas, paprika, garlic, tomatoes, pumpkins, zucchinis, corn, strawberries, blueberries, basilica, parsley, mint and loads of flowers for our insects (marigold, sunflower, borage, nasturtium, chamomile, snapdragon, evening primrose).

With the garden I wanted to show children how wonderful and magical world is around us. And all can start with the seeds. Let’s protect it for the future generation, so we all can enjoy the magic.All along Annika helped me a lot with translating, getting contacts and complicated administrative work: 6666 Danke schön. Thanks also to Edouard helping me collecting the compost, Friedenshof for all the flower plants, Friedrich from Bundschuh for donations, so I could buy good quality bio seeds and plants and Heralt for plant contributions as well. Thank you all. I had a wonderful time with the children. They are simple and honest, full of love towards everyone ant they see on their way.