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What a great thing are plants. They give us so much and we keep destroying them. Cutting way more trees that we plant, unbalancing and destroying ecosystems, planting only what we eat, no matter that the earth we are using for it, is screaming for a pause and some love for a change. And we all know the results of that behavior ...

And that’s when permaculture appears. A way to produce what we need in a balanced ecosystem, where mother earth feels that we are taking care of her, and helping her to be fit again. There’s a lot of work to do but the seeds of the change are under earth now, starting to give the first fruits so that the skeptics can see that this new way really works: we can take the resources we need but it’s a lot more than that.

I’m very happy to be able to experience that here, and feeding the plants with compost and mulch and no chemicals, taking care of what to plant taking into account what was last year in the earth, the growth of the roots and so on, so everything can have enough space and quality to grow. I find it fascinating.

This month, apart from all the work in the garden and in the field, I did something else that also fulfilled me: prepare Bärbel’s 80th birthday and celebrate it. To be invited to celebrate this day with her was an honor but see her happy and moved by all what happened included what we, with so much love, prepared was very touching. Days before the birthday I was ill and that day was the first day I felt healthy again, so I’m very thankful for being able to be there and not being in bed in such a special day.

In februar some of us became ill in different ways, and that made me think. Sometimes we take people for granted, or don’t pay enough attention to them and when they are not around is when we realize what was behind them. All the small or not so small things that are done by them without us noticing. All the small moments we spent with them everyday and that are not there anymore and how my life is made with a lot of these small moments, contacts with people, animals, trees, earth... It’s not about what we do but how we interact with our surroundings...


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